Introducing the University of Chicago Booth School of Business

This special edition magazine commemorating David Booth’s endowment to the University of Chicago Booth School of Business recounts the research and professional influences that led to the formation and success of Dimensional Fund Advisors.

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A Veteran DFA Exec Tells What Enduring RIA Success Is Made of and Why the Next-Gen Advisors Will Not Disappoint

Dave Butler, Dimensional’s head of Global Financial Advisor Services, details the common currents of success flowing through great advisory firms.

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David Booth Brings Academic Research to Life

Dimensional Chairman and Co-CEO David Booth received the “Manager Lifetime Achievement” award from Institutional Investor this year. The magazine described David as a leader who “shaped Dimensional into a manager that refined … academic theories and applied them so investors could profit in the real world.”

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Legends of Indexing: David Booth

In an extensive interview with the Journal of Indexes, Dimensional Chairman and Co-CEO David Booth discusses diversification, the dimensions of expected returns, market efficiency, smart beta, and more.

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A Different Dimension

In a Barron’s cover article, Dimensional is described as a firm that eschews stock-picking completely and yet manages to beat the market consistently. David Booth, Eduardo Repetto, Eugene Fama, and Dave Butler are quoted.

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Still a Firm Believer in Market Efficiency

David Booth, chairman and co-CEO at Dimensional, is featured in a Financial Times article highlighting how the firm’s ideas and investment approach have led to continued growth and fund out performance.

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