A Scientific Approach: The Philosophy of Magnate Wealth Management

When we launched Magnate Wealth Management, our aim was to disrupt the traditional practices of the financial services industry by adhering to one simple principle: Refuse to be salesmen.

We refuse to approach our clients as salespeople or push whatever investment idea that is hot at the moment. We seek to differentiate ourselves by educating our clients.

We do our own research, develop evidence-based investment strategies in concert with our strategic partner, Dimensional Fund Advisors and implement by choosing investments we recommend to our own families.  We share this information with investors like you and encourage you to consider becoming our client and invest the way we invest. This allows us to sit on the same side of the table and helps us avoid any conflict of interest.

Our approach is different, which is why it is successful. Our goal isn’t simply to pick investments that may “beat the market.” We prefer to help families achieve specific goals such as; paying off your mortgage, saving for your children’s college or helping you remain comfortable in retirement. In our view, evidence-based investment management should be wrapped inside the financial planning process.  It is on this basis we evaluate and choose investments for ourselves and our clients.


An Unconventional Approach: Education

Magnate Wealth Management adheres to an unconventional approach when it comes to our client relationships — we believe in educating those we serve.  We believe there is far too much salesmanship when it comes to investing and not enough education. Our goal is to distill complex financial concepts into simple language and help our clients create financial plans to meet their goals.

We work toward this goal by emphasizing face-to-face interactions with our clients. Our approach focuses on financial education, an academic evidence-based investment management philosophy, and implementing comprehensive long-term strategies reflecting our client’s objectives and aspirations.


One Firm, One Philosophy: A Unified Approach to Investing

Our team at Magnate Wealth Management believe we have an obligation to be teachers, as well as Advisors, so our clients can make the best financial decisions for themselves and their families. Our philosophy is time-tested and academically proven. We subscribe to the same investment principles we advocate. Our Advisors are versed in financial planning concepts, Nobel Prize winning academic investment research and deep knowledge of behavioral finance.

Our hiring process ensures our Advisors are experienced and share a commitment to our core philosophy. Every Magnate Wealth Advisor is trained in the ideas and values that led to our firm’s creation and the philosophy we bring to everyone we encounter. Our goal is ensure every Magnate Wealth Advisor adheres to the same core philosophy so each client enjoys the same excellent investment experience. We call it, “One Firm, One Philosophy.”

The same guiding principles are applied to every client relationship. This method assures best practices for our firm, our advisors and our clients. The results are consistency and peace of mind for those we serve.

Magnate Wealth

is here to turn your

dreams into a reality.

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