Investment Management for Individuals

Investing Success Begins with Education

Magnate Wealth Management’s role as an Advisor is to educate our clients on why we invest the way we do.  We share the robust academic research which is the foundation of our investment philosophy.  Our advisors explain our evidence-based approach to investing and provide insight into the behavioral discipline required when investing in global capital markets.

We supply you with easy to use Financial Planning and Investment Management tools that are simple to use but provide you with sophisticated financial advice.  After answering a few simple questions our team of Advisors will provide you an asset allocation model paired to the amount of risk you’re willing to take.

Personalized Portfolios, Our Fiduciary Promise

As an evidenced-based Registered Investment Advisory firm, we offer you our fiduciary promise, which means we always act in your best interests.

Meet With a Planner

Our passion is working closely with folks just like you, to reach their financial goals.  We are experts in all areas of personal finance, including investments, insurance, estate planning, taxes, mortgages and much more.

Free Portfolio Review

Meet with a Magnate Wealth Financial Advisor at no charge.  We welcome the opportunity to examine your current investments and give you a free portfolio review.  Together, we’ll examine if you’re taking too much risk, paying too much or not targeting returns in line your needs. Contact us today so we can give you your free portfolio review and provide you with a complimentary consultation.

Magnate Wealth

is here to turn your

dreams into a reality.

Investment Advisory services offered through Magnate Advisory Services, LLC, a Registered Investment Adviser. Securities and Investment Advisory services offered through Silver Oak Securities, Inc. Member FINRA/SIPC. Magnate Advisory Services, LLC, Magnate Wealth Management, LLC and Silver Oak Securities, Inc. are separate entities.