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Volatility Is Not Risk

The two should not be confused. Provided by Magnate Wealth Management What is risk? To the conservative investor, risk is a negative. To the opportunistic investor, risk is a factor to tolerate and accept. Whatever the perception of risk, it should not be confused with volatility. That confusion occurs much too frequently. Volatility can be […]

Saving for College and Retirement

Tips on trying to meet two great financial goals at once. Provided by Magnate Wealth Management Saving for retirement is a must. Saving for college is certainly a priority. How do you do both at once? Saving for retirement should always come first. After all, retirees cannot apply for financial aid; college students can. That […]

Wisdom from Warren Buffett

One of the world’s most heralded investors simply keeps calm and carries on. Provided by Magnate Wealth Management If you ask someone who the “world’s greatest investor” is, the answer more often than not may be “Warren Buffett.” That honor has never formally been awarded to him, and many other names might be in the […]

How Can LTC Insurance Help You Protect Your Assets?

Plan to create a pool of healthcare dollars that you can use when the time comes. Provided by Magnate Wealth Management How will you pay for long-term care? At the moment, you may not be able to answer that question – but long-term care insurance can provide an answer for you. Why are baby boomers […]

When Is Social Security Income Taxable?

The answer depends on your income. Provided by Magnate Wealth Management Your Social Security income could be taxed. That may seem unfair, or unfathomable. Regardless of how you feel about it, it is a possibility. Seniors have had to contend with this possibility since 1984. Social Security benefits became taxable above certain yearly income thresholds […]

Why Life Insurance Matters

Besides the death benefit, it may also help you financially during your life. Provided by Magnate Wealth Management As Bankrate.com noted, 43% of Americans have no life insurance. Some view it as optional; some have simply procrastinated when it comes to buying a policy. Others believe that they can’t afford it.1 In reality, life insurance […]

Welcome to Magnate Wealth Management

It is our tremendous pleasure to introduce Magnate® Wealth Management to our existing and prospective clientele. Our mission is to enrich the lives of those we serve, by providing sound professional financial advice and evidence-based investment management services. By developing relationships rooted in trust, putting our clients’ goals first, explaining complex financial topics in easy […]